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This document outlines the rules for using BestVPNHelp (referred to as “the website”) and its accompanying services.

By using the website, you agree to the terms and conditions set below. Make sure that you agree to these terms. Otherwise, you should not be using the website.

Our Privacy Policy stipulates the conditions of use of information we collect or you provide in using the website. Using the website means that you are agreeing to provide truthful information and that you allow us to use the information that we collect in ways we deem fit within the legal bounds of our service.

Meanwhile, our Cookie Policy identifies the way we are using cookies on the website.


When using this website, you acknowledge the risks involved and you agree to the following terms:

  1. You must comply with the legal requirements. We do not provide VPN service. More importantly, we are not endorsing the use of VPN in any illegal activity. Before using any VPN service that we talk about on this website, you must be aware of the existing laws. While its use is legal in most countries, there are also some where it is against the law. You are responsible for making sure that you are not breaking any law.
  2. You must not rely solely on the content of the website. We try our best to publish honest recommendations and carry out extensive research. However, we do not have legal, financial, and technical expertise. You are responsible for checking the terms and conditions of use of specific VPNs, making sure that you use it legally. If there is one thing you are not sure of, do not hesitate to contact the VPN company.
  3. Information provided may be outdated and incomplete.  We have a small hardworking team practicing due diligence in every article that we publish. Nonetheless, each VPN service provider may change their terms, including prices after we published our articles. We do not guarantee that information provided on our website is accurate. Check the VPN company to be sure.
  4. We do not control the websites we are linking to. The external links are provided for your reference and information. Nonetheless, take note that we do not control these websites, and hence, we are not responsible for your safety with their use. Once you leave the website, we are not responsible.
  5. We are compensated. While we do not ask for payment from the companies that we are reviewing, we are an affiliate marketing site. This means that once you click on a link and purchase, we may earn a commission. Take note, however, that this does not affect any opinion we are sharing on the website.
  6. You must be at least 18 years old to use the website. By using the website, you agree to the age restriction in place. We are not responsible for verifying user identity or age.

We Can Change the Terms and Conditions

As the owner of the website, we are free to make the necessary changes as we deem fit, including of the terms that are specified on this page. The revised terms will be immediately applicable upon publication. While we will try to inform you of any significant change, we are not legally compelled to do so.

We Can Suspend the Website

Using the website is free. We try to make it available round-the-clock to meet all your VPN needs. Nonetheless, under any circumstance that we do not have to disclose to the users, we have the right to suspend or withdraw the website.

Conditions For Use of Materials On The Website

The content of the website is only for personal and non-commercial use. They are published to help buyers make a well-informed decision. Do not use the articles for commercial purposes unless such is permitted by our team.

The works published on the website are owned by our team and they are protected by copyright laws. You can only retrieve and view the copy of the website on your computer, smartphone, or similar devices. They must not be reproduced and distributed commercially without our permission.

We are Not Responsible for Viruses

Our team works hard to ensure the safety of our website. Nonetheless, in the event that there are bugs and viruses, we are not responsible for such. As the user, you are personally responsible for making sure that your devices are safe.

You must not attempt to access our servers or our website. You should not intentionally introduce trojans and viruses on our website, or similar threats. You must not use denial-of-service attack to threaten the website. Doing so is a criminal offense. The Computer Misuse Act of 1990 provides a more comprehensive discussion of these conditions. Once a breach has been committed, we will report it to the concerned authorities and will fully cooperate throughout the investigation.

Governed by English Laws

The terms of use of this website are governed by the English laws, despite this, your statutory laws are not affected in any way. The courts of England and Wales will cover any dispute arising from the use of the website unless you are a resident outside of England and Wales.

Agreement is Between You and The Website Only

All of the terms specified earlier are agreements between two parties – you and the website. They cannot be transferred to any third-party.

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